Superfuzz - 5oz bottle

Tax included.

Superfuzz (sister to Stellar Fuzz) is a chocolate habanero based sauce with garlic, ginger, goji berries & “Fuzz” ipa from Structures Brewing in Bellingham.  It’s absolutely fantastic on fried chicken, roasted potatoes, lamb and a whole assortment of other foods including stir fry and even pizza!  

We donate $1 from the sale of every bottle to our local middle school’s band and orchestra fund to help ensure that they can repair their instruments when needed and purchase new ones when necessary.  We believe the at music plays a huge role in our lives and it’s of the utmost importance to make it available to our children.  This is just the beginning!  

As we continue to grow, we’d like to broaden our charitable donations to local music programs. 

Superfuzz also pays homage to one of Funky’s favorite Seattle based bands!  Hmmm, who could it be?


Made with love & always funky fresh!